21st Century Gallery

2009 & 2011
16"h x 30 1/2"w x 9 1/2"d
Sapele, Sapele Drawer Boxes; Solid Brass Hardware
Inspiration for this piece comes from the section of slant front desks called the gallery, which features small cubbies and drawers. The large compartment stores electronic devices while they charge, cords can be run through a hole in the back. Small drawers hold extra charging accessories. The cubbies on the bottom hold file folders and envelopes. Laptops or tablets slide under the unit for storage.

Manset Case

52"h x 36"w x 14"d
Sapele; Solid Brass Hardware
Store your books or fine collectibles in this elegant glass front case. Featuring the fine detailing that defines my Safford Coyle Collection - hand carved lamb’s tongues on my signature legs, and the Beaded Dimple, where hand-cut beading meets to form a focal point on the front and sides of this case.
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