CH Built-In


84"h x 153"w x 14"d

Paint Grade Plywood & Poplar with Paint Finish

My clients wanted to maximize the storage space in their condo, while displaying their vast collection of African art. I designed this twelve-and-a-half-foot long unit to accommodate electronics, books, art, and create a space for shoe storage. The handcrafted trim and mouldings that I make and install, elevate my built-ins to furniture quality.

HO Built-In with Furniture Cabinets

Built-In 2020

82"h x 40 1/2"w x 29"d

Tiger Maple, Poplar Drawer Boxes with Steel Hardware 

Furniture Cabinet 2021

36"h x 46 1/2"w x 21 1/2"d

Yellow Birch & Walnut, Maple Drawer Boxes, Steel Hardware

I used a closet space to accommodate the built-in cabinet with a cupboard and drawers to store office and art supplies, flat files for drawings, and file drawers. The furniture cabinet was made from Birch and Walnut to complement the Tiger Maple, with a shelf to hold binders and a printer, and drawers for files.

KK Furniture Cabinets


32"h x 97"w x 15"d

Cherry, Maple Drawer Boxes, Steel Hardware

My client’s husband had built the wall and tall cabinets many years ago. When she moved into her condo, she wanted some furniture cabinets built to match them. I designed and made the base cabinet units for the versatility of being used as two separate pieces in the future if she were to move again. Within a few years, she did move, so I split the top into two pieces, topped each unit, added drawers to the cubby holes, and she had two new furniture cabinets for her new home.

Master Closet Built-In

80 3/4"h x 66"w x 26"d
Douglas Fir & Yellow Birch with Steel Hardware
Designing for organization is a specialized skill. For people who don’t have a lot of hanging clothes, this Birch closet system was my solution to accommodate everything including shoes and hats. To maximize access to the built-in inside the closet, I removed the original sliding doors and installed Douglas Fir bi-fold doors.

TZ Built-In


78"h x 78"w x 14"d

Paint Grade Plywood & Poplar with Paint Finish

I designed, built, and installed this for a client who wanted living room storage for books and artworks.

VH Built-In


92"h x 102"w x 18"d

Paint Grade Plywood & Poplar with Paint Finish

This bookcase was designed to fit my clients’ electronics and books. After building the units in my shop, I install them in my clients’ home. The last touches on an on-site built-in are the mouldings, which I design and make. It’s the handcrafted details that make a project like this truly special.

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