Piecrust Table

26"h x 25"w x 25"d
Sapele; Solid Brass Hardware
This elegant tilt-top table features hand carved ball & claw feet and a piecrust top. The hand-shaped legs attach to the turned center post with hand-cut sliding dovetails. The table is finished with 8 coats of varnish, and hand-rubbed to a satin finish.

Hepplewhite Card Table

30"h x 35"w x 19"d
Sapele with Zebrawood, Maple, Satinwood,Mottled Mahogany, and Ebonized Inlays; Solid Brass Hardware
I designed this table in the Hepplewhite style, while creating decorative motifs that are my own. This table has no gate-leg. The top spins on a pivot point then opens to lay flat on the base, which makes for a much more stable base and keeps the table’s symmetry, even when open. Sand-shaded satinwood gives the fan design a three-dimensional quality. All veneers are cut and inlaid by hand. Finished with 14 coats of varnish and hand-rubbed to a satin finish.

Punctuational Inlaid Table

20"h x 23 1/2"w x 18"d
Tiger Maple with Walnut Burl, Anegre, Walnut, Sapele, and Ebonized Inlays; Solid Brass Hardware
In this Pembroke inspired piece, I explore using typography as decorative design elements. I manipulate punctuation marks by changing their orientation in space, giving them a more abstract quality. At first glance the ampersands inlaid in the table’s central medallion look more like decorative scrolls than punctuation marks.
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