Nantucket Mapscape
Coffee Table
Top Detail

Sapele with
Ash Burl, Walnut Burl,
Maple, Sapele, Anegre,
Quilted Maple,
and Ebonized Inlays
18″h x 40″w x 18″d

All of the inlay work on these tables is done by hand.

The land masses in this design are the west end of Nantucket Island with its islands of Muskeget and Tuckernuck. The grain on the tabletop is oriented to accentuate the design and simulate the movement of the ocean.

To add contrast to the compass rose design, and to lend the feeling of aged paper, I used sand shading and wood burning to some of the inlays. One of the hand drawn elements of 18th century maps that I really like is the wavy lines that were used around land masses in the ocean to suggest waves lapping on the shores. Here I used Walnut inlay around the islands to give that same feel.

To achieve the look of a hand drawn map border, I make the banding by forming layered veneer cores, which I then cut to size, and combine with solid wood pieces sandwiched in between black veneers. I cut the sandwiched cores into banding strips, which I then inlay.