Compass Rose End Table
Top Detail

Pattern Grade African Mahogany with Walnut Burl, Sapele, Curly Maple, Satinwood, Bubinga, Maple Burl, Redwood Burl, Lacewood, Holly, and Ebonized Wood
Banding border on top custom made with Maple and Ebonized Wood
28”w x 28”d x 28”h

I designed and made this End Table and the Fleur de Lis End Table as a set, for a private collector who is interested in compass rose designs.

For this table, I designed the compass rose with a fleur de lis to indicate north, and designed four separate typograhpic images for each of the cardinal directions, which I inlaid into the table’s aprons. When standing in front of the table, each of the cardinal directions is located in its appropriate location – east is on the right, west in on the left, and so forth.